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Grey's Anatomy Claims
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Finally, my computer is back up and working again, although it took some open-modem surgery to do it.

This is a community I created for fans of the show "Grey's Anatomy". If you like the show, then great! If you don't, please don't spam my community with your hateful comments. You shouldn't be here anyways.

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This community is for claiming anything from the TV show "Grey's Anatomy" that you wish to. Categories include people, places, things, quotes, episodes, pretty much anything you can come up with. The claims will be updated and approved by myself as often as I am able to, which will pretty much be every day. You are allowed five ten claims to start. For every link you provide me that shows you have been promoting this community, you will be allowed one more claim. To make things easier, I ask that you post at least one of your new claims with the links where you have been spamming promoting.

PLEASE check the claims list before you post!!

note: George O'Malley is able to be claimed by anyone, because we at ganatomy_claims believe that everyone should be able to have a piece of George. Other than that, if someone has claimed something, you may not.

Have fun, and claim away!

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+George O'Malley - no_where_girl, wallflower1116, pink_teacups, distelhad, mrsalexfletcher
+Cristina Yang - wallflower1116
+Drunk(!) Cristina Yang - mrsalexfletcher
+Alex Karev - pink_teacups
+Derek Shepherd - thoushaltkissme
+Meredith Grey - rwasundi
+Doc the dog - rwasundi
+Preston Burke - jenn12597
+Isobel Stevens - hippofatcow
+Addison Shepherd - agzee
+Drunk(!) Addison Shepherd - agzee
+Miranda Bailey - stop_theworld
+Mark Sloan (a.k.a. McSteamy) - archangelsmack
+Denny Duquette - lovebuggin

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The Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic - mrsalexfletcher

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+George's crush on Meredith - kaos1385
+George/Meredith - distelhad
+Derek/Meredith - thoushaltkissme
+Burke/Cristina - bang2009
+George/Callie - wallflower1116
+George/Izzie - stop_theworld
+Mark/Meredith - archangelsmack
+Denny/Izzie - lovebuggin
+Mark/Addison - agzee

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~Alex's first kiss speech - no_where_girl
~Meredith's "Pain" speech - rwasundi
~Meredith's "Dirty Uncle Sal" speech - bang2009
~Izzie's "model" speech - lovebuggin
~"Seriously!" - kaos1385
~"I'm NAKED! Naked in the shower!" - distelhad
~"But, Derek, I love you... in a really, really big... pretend to like your taste in music, let you eat the last piece of cheesecake, hold a radio over my head outside your window, unfortunate way that makes me hate you love you. So pick me. Choose me. Love me." - thoushaltkissme
~"...Ok the man I love has a wife and then he chooses her over me. And that wife takes my dog...Ok she didn't actually take my dog I gave it to her, but I didn't mean to give it to her. I meant to give it to him. But that does not change the fact that she's got my McDreamy...And my McDog. She's got my McLife!" - bellatrouble

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Episode 1x01: A Hard Day's Night - thoushaltkissme
Episode 2x06: Into You Like a Train - whisperingstar1
Episode 2x07: Something to Talk About - wallflower1116
Episode 2x16: It's the End of the World - rwasundi
Episode 2x17: ...As We Know It - lovebuggin

Season 1 on DVD - mrsalexfletcher

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~~~glove balloon - wallflower1116
~~~bed - wallflower1116
~~~scalpel from the elevator - pink_teacups
~~~"Proud to be a Nurse" sign - no_where_girl
~~~cute schoolboy stutter - lovebuggin
~~~green t-shirt - distelhad
~~~boxers - distelhad
~~~love - distelhad

~~~Christmas Spirit - no_where_girl
~~~cupcake recipe - mrsalexfletcher
~~~prom dress - mrsalexfletcher

~~~Salmon-Colored Scrubs - no_where_girl
~~~hair - wallflower1116
~~~awesome clothes agzee

~~~McLife - pink_teacups
~~~smirk - opstandzon
~~~Hello Kitty bandaid - thoushaltkissme
~~~ponytail - soundspie
~~~hyperventilation - soundspie
~~~panties on the 'lost and found' board - lovebuggin
~~~jacket from the ferry disaster - mrsalexfletcher

~~~trailer - thoushaltkissme/pink_teacups
~~~hair - petitepoet
~~~look that he gets when he looks at Meredith - kaos1385

~~~sarcasm/cynicism/overall view on the world - petitepoet

~~~purple flowered surgical cap - bang2009

~~~abs - agzee
~~~towel scene - agzee

+Dr. Weber's:
~~~hair dye - mrsalexfletcher

+Alex and Izzie's first kiss - wallflower1116
+scalpels - opstandzon
+Closet where Derek & Meredith had their 'moment' of comfort - kaos1385
+Closet where Alex & Izzie get back together - kaos1385
+surgery (the profession) - opstandzon
+operating rooms - opstandzon
+the geometry of the show (aka love triangles) - petitepoet
+the "Elevator of Lust" - thoushaltkissme

+Addison slapping Mark - agzee
+George hugging Bailey upon her return from maternity leave - mrsalexfletcher
+Alex screaming back at the screaming woman (bomb-in-the-stomach-guy's wife) - mrsalexfletcher

+Kate Burton - stop_theworld
+Jeffrey Dean Morgan - whisperingstar1
+Justin Chambers - archangelsmack
+Kate Walsh - agzee
+Eric Dane - agzee
+T.R. Knight - distelhad